each card IS custom full color front and back

DMA does not print pre-designed template mailers. Each and every card we print is custom designed.  While we offer a large selection of sample cards online, we know that no two dentists are alike, and for best results each and every card should include specific photos, logo's and text. View Sample Ideas

complete custom design with all orders

DMA has over 19 years ad development experience. We consistently develop powerful direct mail advertising that brings in new business. With DMA you never have to sacrifice your response rate because you couldn't afford the very best. You can pay hundreds for professional design service, but DMA will develop a powerful direct mail marketing campaign, no matter how long it takes, that is included with every direct mail quote.

free live professional marketing advice

Call DMA weekdays from 9:00 - 5:00 central time and you can speak with a marketing expert ready and willing to help you with any needs you may have. A DMA advisor will work one-on -one with you through the whole process, from design to mailing, to make sure your entire experience is understandable and problem free. By the time you are done with your first mailer, you will understand the process inside and out.

free demographic searchES

DMA is one of the only companies that will run your zip code or radius demographic reports for you. Just visit our free zip code counts and demographic information page and fill out a request and one of our list specialists will run your counts and email you a map and a report of your area.

the most up to date mailing lists available

All mailing lists are not created equal. You should always ask when a list when it was last updated. A old list may be missing the newest homes built in your area. In addition, a list that is past 90 days old, cannot be CASS certified by the US Post Office, resulting in a higher postage rate. DMA's saturation lists are updated every 30 days.

the lowest postage prices available

DMA has it's own 30,000 square foot mailing center that prints, addresses, sorts, and clears the mail for you. We then ship to your Post Office, anywhere in the country so you can mail at the lowest possible postage prices.

300 extra postcards with every order

We all know the most powerful form of advertising is word of mouth. Why not give some of your clients some samples of your printed piece to pass out. We can also print custom business and tent size invite cards.

direct to your post office shipping included on all orders

DMA was one of the first in the industry to provide direct to your post office mailing services. Instead of mailing from far way post offices, often times costing you more in postage and increasing the time it takes to actually get your cards in the homes, DMA ships and clears your direct mail from the nearest post office to where you mailers are being delivered.

no hidden costs - instant online quotes on all mailers

DMA puts it on all the table when quoting your custom direct mail postcard. While other companies may entice you with low published printing prices and then fail to share with you other costs like: Lists, Addressing, Trucking, or Postage, DMA always quotes you the complete job cost instantly with our online quote calculator. Click to link to our online quote calculator.

no middle man - design, print & mail done in-house

DMA handles all your direct mail marketing needs in house. We have our own staff of professional designers, our own printing facility, and our own mailing facility. We get the job done without going through 2 or 3 different vendors.

fast 14 day turnaround on most custom direct mail jobs

DMA can usually design, print, and address your mailers in about 14 working days, and then ship it to your local Post Office. 

The time line is as follows:

  2 - 3 working days for custom design work and to email you a 1st proof.

  1 - 2 working days to fix any corrections or changes and get you a final proof.

  6 - 9 working days after final proof is signed to print, address, and ship your cards to the Post Office.

  ( allow 3 - 4 days shipping, and another 2 -6 days for cards to arrive in the mail boxes)

dma can take your own design and still save you money

Do you have your own designer on staff, or an outside designer? Not a problem. DMA can take your print ready pdf files and still save you money on printing and mailing services.