Dental Marketing Agency Makes Custom Direct Mail Easy and Affordable.


Truth in Advertising Media Mailers

Step #1. Call One of Our Marketing Consultants.

We know how busy you are! So getting custom direct mail marketing needs to be easy and effective. 

We handle all the details of your order from design to delivery. We will discuss budgets, formats, quantities, timelines, mailing areas, and collect all the necessary information to design the best possible piece for your marketing campaign.

Step #2. Determine Your Budget

You can get custom designed direct mail postcards and flyers at an affordable price.

The Dental Marketing Agency has no hidden costs. Each quote you receive includes:

  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Saturation Mailing List
  • Laser Addressing
  • All Mail Sort and Preparation
  • Trucking the Mail to the Post office
  • US Postage

Truth in Advertising Media Mailers

Truth in Advertising Media Mailers

Step #3. Determine Who You Are Trying To Reach.

A great mailer depends on a great list.

Our marketing consultants will work with you to determine which type of mailing list is right for you.

Not all lists are equal. Choose to be informed. Make sure you have the right list for your needs and your list is up to date. Postage price can vary greatly on the type of list you use.

Step #4. Develop A Eye-Popping Results Getting Ad.

All cards are custom designed exclusively for your business - FREE. Our online design samples are meant to give you ideas of what other successful businesses like yours are doing.

  • You can pick any of our already proven design samples and modify them with your specific information.
  • You can also submit your own designs and we will do the printing and mailing for you.
  • Or, let us design a mailer for your business completely from scratch at no charge.

Truth in Advertising Media Mailers

Truth in Advertising Media Mailers

Step #5. Let The Dental Marketing Agency Handle All The Mailing Details.

Every week, our Finishing and Mailing Center processes hundreds of thousands of direct mail postcards, flyers and magazines. 

So whether it’s 5,000 pieces or 500,000 pieces, we have the equipment, space and resources to effectively complete your job correctly, cost effectively and on-time!